Health and Safety Management Consultants

Delivering Excellence

As management system consultants that specialise in work health and safety, we focus on creating sustainable, integrated solutions that align with your business strategy.

We work with you to establish the causes of issues, then advise you on  your range of solution options.  Our structured approach will position you to effectively use your  resources and culture to drive success.

Our method delivers the ‘risk management’ and ‘continuous improvement’ approach demanded by work health and safety regulators. Through systematically identifying and prioritising problems then applying the appropriate solutions you will be positioned to meet the objectives of work health and safety legislation.

We deliver results by understanding the needs of your business. We listen to you, provide advice and help create the business solutions and culture you are seeking. Understanding how dynamic the business environment can be, we believe in being creative, nimble and intelligent in responding to your work health and safety needs.

Imagine a Health and Safety Management System that actually works for you. A Policy that defines the objectives of your organisation. Clearly defined roles and responsibilities. Safety Procedures that are practical and realistic. A Safety Plan that is driven by continuous improvement. Workers that are engaged in delivering high levels of safety performance.  A system that is always learning and adapting to your needs.

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Risk Management is a core component of any work health and safety program and forms the backbone of your Safety Management System. Current legislation requires employers to ensure their workplaces  are safe for everyone who enters them by applying a risk managed approach to safety. By taking a risk managed approach you will ensure your resources are used for the most effective work health and safety outcomes. Your success in delivering safety performance relies on your ability and desire to manage risk.

Concepts In Workplace Safety can support your Risk Management program through all of its stages and even provide you with on-site training.

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There are times when your safety program needs the support of external expertise. Whether it’s systems development, training, facilitating workshops, development of a risk management program or preparation for an audit. Concepts In Workplace Safety can provide you with the short term support you need, either on-site of off-site. Don’t let your Safety Plan become derailed because you haven’t got the expertise on hand.  I’d like to know how you  can provide support.

Your Strategic Safety Plan will determine how your Work Health and Safety Policy objectives will be achieved. With the support of Concepts In Workplace Safety your Strategic Safety Plan will help you determine the resources you need and where best to deploy them. It will provide  the direction and momentum of  your work health and safety performance.  If you are seeking predictability in your safety performance, we can put you on the path to success.

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Your Safety Management Plan defines how you will manage your legal work health and safety obligations.  It is a key document that acts as a subset of your Work Health and Safety Management System as it applies to a specific worksite or procedure. Beyond the legal obligations, it is often a defining factor in the success or failure of many tenders. Concepts In Workplace Safety can help you meet your legal and project compliance obligations.

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Safe Work Instructions provide the interface between the standard of safety you expect and the standard of safety your workers deliver. High levels of safety performance are a reflection of clear, sensible and practical instructions being made available to your workers. To drive your safety management system along the path of continuous improvement, you need work instructions that deliver on safety and practicality for you and your workers. Concepts In Workplace Safety is available to help you produce Safe Work Instructions or to develop the future in-house capability you need.

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Congratulations! Your workers follow all safety instructions. When a hazard is identified it is reported and risk managed. You all recognise that the wellbeing of every person is paramount. You all work as a team, seeking and evaluating every opportunity to make your workplace safer. Work Health and Safety is managed at all levels without any fuss. You are well on the way to a world class Safety Culture.

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Safety Leaders actively drive work health and safety in the areas they can influence. You will see them regularly engaging their teams and co-workers in safety conversations. They will have their finger on the ‘safety’ pulse of the organisation. You will see them positively engaging themselves and others in safety activities. They never take safety for granted and constantly look for ways to do things better. Safety Leaders are happy to think outside the box, be innovative and question the status quo. Safety Leaders don’t just ‘manage’ safety, they influence safety. Safety Leaders are not just management, they are anyone that has the ability to influence the way your workers view safety. Safety Leaders are one of your greatest safety resources. By providing facilitated workshops, coaching and mentoring, Concepts In Workplace Safety can use its expertise to develop your in-house safety leadership capability. Learn more.   I’d like help developing our leadership skills.

We can guide you through the Health and Safety Basics or provide Advanced Safety Management Systems development.

Safety Management Systems

Integrated and dynamic safety management

Your Safety Management System needs to be a part of your overall business management system. It should be a normal business consideration when it comes to budgeting, planning and review. Like the rest of your management system, it needs to be dynamic and able to adapt to changes in the internal and external environment.

Risk Management

Taking control of safety performance

The law demands that you eliminate or minimise health and safety risk. By focusing on risk management, the law recognises that each business is unique and best placed to determine its own method of managing risk.

Providing Safety Resources

Expertise when and where you need it

With the appropriate resources in place you can avoid many of the pitfalls and dramas associated with a poorly implemented approach to WHS. Our expertise can make your journey so much smoother.

Strategic Planning

Taking Control of the Future

Strategic Planning allows you to set your objectives and determine the most effective path to reach them. It builds resilience into your Safety Management System while enabling you to plan and manage the allocation of your precious resources.

Safety Management Plans

Creating safe workplaces

Your Safety Management Plan details who is responsible and how things will be done on a specific work site or project. It is a mandatory requirement for construction projects valued at over $250k.

Safe Work Instructions

Grass roots safety

Safe Work Instructions take your Job Safety Analysis and put the identified risk controls into a sensible and practical “How To…” document. These documents need to be easily understood and accessible to their users.

Let Safety Be Your Competitive Advantage

Safety excellence drives better systems and better communications, greater knowledge sharing and active staff engagement.
Qualities that every high performing organisation demands.